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Dr. Barr has taught a very specialized course, one based on her own professional experience. The course was Virtual Assistant Coaching Seminar. This course was offered in an online mode, and Dr. Barr did a wonderful job not just developing the course from the ground up, but also in teaching it.

Dr. Barr took on the challenge of developing the course based on her experience, and submitted all the required materials on time and within the guidelines set up for course development. I have been impressed with her professionalism and her energy when she is pursuing her teaching.

Based on my working with her, I recommend her for online teaching. Although my contact with her was limited in the course development and conduction her online class, I am confident that she would put her heart and soul in any endeavor she pursues.

Mazhar Anik
Chair, Information Systems
Owens Community College

Randi gracefully took a leadership role in the online course room. Her attention to detail, expert research, and superb writing skills were instrumental in guiding online discussions. As a learner and researcher, Randi is self-motivated and hardworking. As an online instructor, she cares deeply for her students and their success.

I am continually impressed with Randiís professional approach and effective communication skills in the online learning environment. Randi is a true professional and would be an asset to any university lucky enough to hire her. I am proud to recommend Randi without reservation.

Carolyn A. Pottinger, PhD
National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT)

During her work in the course room, I immediately realized that she was an energetic, conscientious student, extremely intelligent and committed to academic excellence. Given this impression, I sought her out to join in partnership to undertake her dissertation work---I had assessed her qualities and abilities accurately.

Throughout her dissertation, Randi displayed these qualities that single out professionals we hope will enter into the profession; we worked closely and had weekly and sometimes many more conferences where I had the opportunity to observe her professional skill and personal characteristics. On the personal side, her integrity, willingness to collaborate and determination to learn were a hallmark of our work. As a member of our dissertation team, she took the lead time and again to provide others the benefit of her experience in our dissertation course room and was a role model for those around her and other benefitted mightily from her expertise and support.

Our time together was a pleasure because of her keen intelligence, strong work ethic, time management skills, and attention to detail - all researchers would be well served to possess these characteristic and skills - she is a credit to the profession. When she completed her dissertation work she was cheered on by all of us but her departure was met with mixed emotions by me and her other learner/researchers.

I recommend Randi with absolute confidence. Her attention to detail, willingness to work long hours, and scholarly demeanor will truly enhance any online university program. She is a self-motivated conscientious leader who works and communicates effectively with students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Randi Barr would be a credit in the highest degree to any organization to which she seeks to join.

Carmen Myers, PhD
Core Faculty, Capella University

Randi gives excellent and very timely feedback. She grades assignments before the promised date and always lets us know that the assignment was received and when to expect the grade. She is extremely interactive in the class wiki discussions and helps perpetuate the conversation.

Trine University Student (Organizational Systems and Cultures)

Dr. Barr offers CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. She is very quick to respond to emails and genuinely cares about the quality of the course. She is a welcome reprieve from some of the other instructors I have experienced.

Trine University Student (Fundamentals of Foresight and Entrepreneurship)

Dr. Barr is a very motivated and interested professor. She wants her students to participate and succeed. Grading was fair and her attitude was enjoyable throughout.

Hillsdale College Student (Principles of Marketing)

I truly appreciate Dr. Barr's willingness and commitment to the students. It was very apparent from the beginning that she wanted to assist students in any way possible. She readily offered time after class listening and responding  to questions and suggestions. She spent every class period encouraging student participation.

Hillsdale College Students (Principles of Marketing)

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